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    I decided to set up this livejournal because I realized that sometimes there are short essays I'd like to write and share with people and this looked like a good venue.  I don't plan to blog much, but every so often there'll be a new essay.  I'll also occasionally make announcements (new books and so on).
         Richard Garfinkle

  • Mary Sue is the Root of All Evil

    Mary Sue is the Root of All Evil In setting straight my own mind on some matters before starting a new book, I came to the conclusion that…

  • Blog Moved

    I have moved my blog from LiveJournal to WordPress. The new URL is http://richardgarfinkle.com/musings/ Richard Garfinkle

  • World Building

    This is an essay I wrote after giving a talk to my daughter's fiction writing class on the subject of world building in fantasy writng World…

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